Adam & Eve is Worse than Victoria’s Secret

Do you live in Durham? Does the new Adam & Eve Store effect you? Leave comments and let us know.

Until then, check out this quick video of some people’s opinions about the store by @howrdudoin

Stupid People Drive Me Nuts

I have to say that I’m particularly fond of the sex industry. Not only because I work in it, but because they seem to get a hard time from pretty much everyone with a public voice. Take Proposition 8 for example – what is so wrong with letting people get married? Why does anyone care what two consenting adults do behind closed doors!? Just because it’s two guys or two girls doesn’t make their love any less real. And you know what, they aren’t doing a damn thing to you personally. No one is coming over to your house and decorating your home with their ideas and thoughts, so just let ’em be. Until you can hear your neighbor scream in a husky voice “Oh yeah Johnny, fuck me harder in my ass” through your steel plated walls, I don’t really think you should have any right to complain. You are not being put out.

But, Prop 8 is not what I wanted to talk about.

I wanted to talk about the hubbub of this new Adam & Eve Store opening in Durham, NC. The back story is: an Adam & Eve Store over on one side of Durham realized they’d sell more stuff if they relocated to a newer shopping center area that is booming right now. Currently they are located in a “harder to get to” location that is in an older – dare I say – seedier location of Durham. So, it makes the most business sense to move to where the people are spending money.

The neighborhood surrounding the shopping center is up in arms over whether or not the store should be allowed to move into their “precious” community. They say it’ll violate their community standards to have this smut and porn store near their children. Oh please. Obviously these people have NEVER shopped at an Adam & Eve store. If you have, you’d know right off the bat Adam & Eve is one of the most vanilla sex companies with some of the highest standards of what is acceptable to portray or sell. The company is pretty much the missionary style of porn.

I’m not saying missionary is boring. All sex to me is good, so as long as you find what works, missionary can be fantastic.

Well, earlier in the month the local newspaper, the Raleigh News & Observer, published this article about the store controversy. Now, for an article that appears in the A section, I would have hoped it would be less opinion and more news worthy. Up to ¾ of the way through the article, it basically sides with the community and blasts the company. Let’s all forget that Adam & Eve STARTED nearby in Carrboro, NC and is now still a huge benefactor to its community in Hillsborough. The writer interviewed only one person, Ellie Mayer, who obviously  wouldn’t know a good time if it crawled up between her legs and vibrated. She compares the store to Cherry Pie, which is over 20 miles away, and happens to also sell sex toys and adult DVDs. Mind you Cherry Pie does not only sell adult material; it’s also a head shop. How on Earth can one compare Adam & Eve to a head shop?! If you don’t know the facts and you have never been into the store, shut your mouth.

This is the latest, ignorant quote that incensed me (from some news roundup in the area):

Adam & Eve smut and filth and hell-in-a-handbasket peddler Marc Goswick takes a victory lap in the Herald-Sun, as it becomes obvious that he wins and the squares lose. [H-S] (reg req)

I’ve driven by the new Adam & Eve Store location. It’s very nice. It is right at the intersection, but the building and landscaping is very inviting. The store can be seen by drivers, but there’s only one window to display. Ellie believes that stores should not want to draw in customers – “The display windows are very large — totally inappropriate for this neighborhood.” Isn’t the point of a window display to entice people to come in and shop? I mean, if it isn’t someone should go tell Macy’s to stop spending all that money on their Christmas displays every year. And right now all it has is a giant board with the A&E logo and a Christmas tree. This is scandalous? This is “an assault upon our family values”? Where are all the non-Christians – why aren’t they complaining?! You know why, cause they’ve got better things to do than worry what someone else wants to buy.

So, in my protest of the stupid people of the Woodcroft neighborhood, and Durham in general, who signed the petition, I’m shopping at today. As soon as that store opens (cause everything passed and it will be opening soon) I’ll be there to buy something. I’ll tell my friends and my exercise group. I encourage the rest of you who live in the area to do the same. Show support for a company that gives back to its community. And to the rest of you, do as Katy Zvolerin said in the article, “our neighbors certainly have the option of not coming in.”