The Cube

I just have to share this with the world.  About 6 months ago, someone left our department to rejoin the “real world”. Due to some restructuring, the position was never filled and the cube remains empty (which is a damn shame since it’s one of the few with a window).  Over the last few months, it has collected all the random crap that people didn’t have room for.  Just today, I found a large penis with a sturdy handle on the end.  Most notably, it is the current home of two blow-up dolls, Bree Olson Rawhide Hottie and Kimmi.  For the holidays I wrapped the ladies in lights and garland (and almost burned the building down in the process).

They have acquired various pieces of lingerie and naughty accessories as well.

One quiet afternoon, the stillness was broken by the scream of the new housekeeper who went back there to empty the trash and was startled by the cube’s occupants.   There is also a stack of porn, some sporting equipment, various office supplies and a stack of children’s books (your guess is as good as mine on that one).  At this point, if anyone ever moves into that cube, there’s really no chance that they could compare to the awesomeness of the current residents.