I Put A Spell On Your Boyshorts – A Lingerie Review

I recently purchased a set of the “I Put A Spell On You” boyshorts for 2 reasons:

1.The first time I saw these in a new product meeting, I misread the title and thought it said “I Put A Spell On Your Boyshorts”.  I had a mental image of a witch casting spells on someone’s underwear.  Laughter ensued.

2. I’m a huge nerd and I wanted to have a beaker on my ass.

I Put A Spell On You Boyshorts

I Put A Spell On You Boyshorts

As far as underwear go, they aren’t bad.  The microfiber material is super stretchy.  I wish each one was different, instead of the same pattern in 4 colors, but alas, I knew what I was getting myself into.


The beaker on the ass is just as delightful as I expected.  Unfortunately, they don’t fit very well.  I’m 5’11” so I’m pretty used to being too tall for things.  It is, in fact, possible to be too tall for underwear.  The boyshorts are designed to be low rise, but on me they are way too low.  The majority of my ass sticks out of the top of the panties.  I would imagine that if you’re under 5’8″ or so, they would fit just fine. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give these a 3.  I will continue to wear them, even though I look ridiculous, just because I like having a beaker on my ass.