HNT – Half Nekkid (Naked) Roundup 8/27

Oh my, the roundups are getting noticed! I was informed last week that this fun tradition is formally called “Half Nekkid Thursday” instead of “Half Naked Thursday.” However, I just find the word “nekkid” to be weird to say, so that’s why I’ve been calling it the wrong thing. I apologize about that. And well, I guess it’s time for me to get over myself and just fall in line with everyone else, right? I mean, if you all jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, I guess I would too! haha. (I wouldn’t really. I hope you wouldn’t either.)

Anyway, lots of my Twitter followers are participating now and some of them are letting me know they’ve already posted! I love it! Freaking Love! It! To let you know this time, I’ve got a fair mix of men, women, geeks, Doms & subs, and other sexy people. Here’s to the Half Nekkidness!

From Getty Images - Women in Line for Sex & The City Movie Premiere

via Getty Images - Women in Line for Sex & The City Movie Premiere

First off…BOOBS!

Bad Bad Girl, NaughtyEliot, Random Curiosities, HotJane, Everything’s Eventual, Alpine Subdreams

Now the Geeks 🙂

Ruminations of a Kinky Geek

And the men…

Hubman, Onyx V St. Syr, SeXXXcapades, An Artist Exposed, Kaos527, The Erotic Rogue

A little BDSM play –

Dungeon Place, Miss Kiss This

Some lovely ladies in lingerie…

Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick, The Coquitten, At Longing’s End

And the really artsy ones (some of my faves!)

E.D.I.D.A.S, No Need to Be Coy

Need some clothes so you can participate in Half Naked Thursday? Get some new men’s or women’s lingerie! There’s something for everybody!

Still confused (or new?) about what the hell this HNT thing is? Check out O’s other blog to learn all the fun rules.

Mad cause I didn’t include you? (well tough) j/k Tweet a HNT link to @adamandeve and we’ll try to include you in next week’s roundup! Or, if you can’t wait, post a comment below to link to your HNT – then everyone will be up-to-date with you!

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday Everybody!

HNT Roundup 7/9

I’ve noticed a (small, minor, not-really-there) theme this week – people are taking their HNT shots in the bathroom at work! How delightfully kinky…I encourage all the readers to upload an HNT from their office bathroom. Whether it be feet, legs, boobs, ass, thighs…whatever, as long as we can recognize you’re in the John (at work).

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

She was 34-24-35 and naked. Nice.

The Importance of a Good Bra – as told by Dangerous Lily

Did the Giants win? Ah, who the hell cares when we’ve got boobs!

A little ass in the bathroom? Yes please.

Someone’s coworker’s cleavage.

An All-American Pinup Girl

Keeping it Simple, Stupid. A sexy neck compliments a nice rack.

And as always, here are the “rules” for HNT and if you want to be included, leave your blog URL in the comments or Tweet about it using the keywords “HNT” – See You Next Thursday!

What a Woman Thinks While Watching Porn: Bree Exposed

After the good feedback that I got from the last time I posted about some porn I watched, I thought I’d try out this new title on – Bree Exposed. And for awhile it’s $5 off at the site.

Bree Exposed

Already, I like the music. It reminds me of an old Lifetime Movie montage of music. And actually, I’m really excited to see Bree on film. I’ve never seen her fuck before, but I hear it’s pretty good.

Lots of lady exposure so we can all see the hot ladies and learn their names.

Scene 1: Bree Olson & Anthony Rosano on a white couch. I think hes gonna watch for a bit as she gets herself off. I’m okay with that. Here we go Bree!

  • Damn her breasts are huge. I’d love to have tits like that.
  • Why can I only hear music? Oh, here come the moans. Yeah, get your hand up in that pussy man.
  • Oh this guy is hot. Good chest, interesting bling, and a huge fucking dick. Nice choice Bree.
  • Titty fucking is an interesting subject. I mean mine aren’t big enough so it’s almost damn painful to squish them together to get enough around a cock and well, really is it that much fun?
  • Straight into doggy style. It’s so amazingly hot to watch Bree fuck him doggy style. Yeah, she fucks him.
  • People talk about how Bree puts on a “childlike voice” when she talks in bed, but honestly, so far it just sounds like her normal voice, but maybe a little higher in pitch. I think it’s kinda hot actually.
  • Lots of foot fetishness going on in this scene. I need a pedicure.
  • Damn her tits are awesome. They just keep bouncing nicely no matter what angle she’s in.
  • I wonder who gets to clean up the white couch they’re fucking on.
  • This is great, Bree’s teaching me so much to say while in bed. “Fuck that pussy properly,” that’s a good one.
  • Ok, now this is getting comical. His face, her screams – just a little too much folks. I don’t believe Reverse Cowgirl is THAT good.
  • Get this man a towel, he’s sweating everywhere.
  • And then he comes all over her feet & she sucks it off. Nice.

Scene 2 – Hot brunette, Missy Stone does a nice strip tease before she joins Mick Blue so he can fuck her silly on that red couch.

  • I’m amazed she can take so much of that thick cock in her mouth.
  • Ooh, one of my favorite positions – on top, on his lap, facing him, using the back of the couch as leverage.
  • I’m pretty sure I can see how tight she is by the way she’s riding him on the couch. I’m also pretty sure that whole body clench thing was a real orgasm.
  • Ooh, Mick’s uncircumcised. But she’s still bald.
  • Damn she’s juicy, I’ll forgive her most everything else cause she’s absolutely soaking wet.
  • Mm, fuck…he’s got her leg all hiked up way out of the way so we can see, but I’m thinking that feels pretty damn good too.
  • I think maybe she’s a squirter. There’s no way she can still be this wet, right?
  • And wow, this makes me possibly want to try anal sex. She obviously doesn’t look like a pro at it, and I can’t help but think that she really is enjoying this. Maybe I’ll start with something smaller than this guy’s dick.
  • I really want to see her get DP’d.
  • He has now successfully fucked every one of her holes. And I think he’s going back for seconds!
  • Oh this girl is a pretzel, she’s contorted herself into…whoa, 3rd orgasm people.

Scene 3Ava Rose, god I love her curvy hips, waits for Charlie Lane to fuck her right with a dildo.

  • It’s not really necessary for porn stars to wear bras I guess. I’m not sure why they wear underwear either.
  • What’s with the pubic soul patch?
  • Quickest orgasm I’ve seen…Ava must know what she’s doing.
  • Charlie doesn’t seem as good at pleasing her lady like Ava was. Not sure if either is really bi, but Ava plays the part better.
  • I want a glass dildo like that.
  • Charlie is bent over in what appears to be the most uncomfortable position ever. And she’s been holding it for awhile now, so I can only imagine how badly her back and legs hurt.
  • That’s it, swirl the dildo around her pussy nice and slow. Tease it all over.
  • At least Ava chose a more appropriate position – one leg over the arm chair.
  • How come the girls keep sharing the chair? Is that all we could afford. Oh, well that’s interesting, Charlie just shoved the vibe up Ava’s ass.
  • Oh wait, no. It’s just up her pussy.
  • I really don’t think this Charlie girl knows how to operate a vibrator correctly.
  • Watching Ava fuck Charlie with this glass dildo the second time around is sooo much hotter than it was the first time. I’m pretty sure that Charlie really came.
  • Ahaha! I do know that dildo. It’s either this or that!

Scene 4Bree Olson rides again. This time with Tommy Gunn. Mm…Tommy Gunn.

  • I’ve never noticed until now, but Bree’s got a pretty big, plump ass too.
  • And her pussy is rather plump too.
  • And she’s an expert cock sucker.
  • I love that Tommy knows how to use props.  Way to improvise with your belt.
  • Bree’s moaning and talking is really getting me hot. Or maybe it’s Tommy fucking her with that massive huge cock. I’m not sure, but this is really hitting the spot.
  • “Oh my fucking shit” – this is my new favorite quote.
  • I really think Bree’s having trouble keeping up with Tommy. Like, he actually has too much dick for her to handle.
  • Tommy still has his sunglasses on. I guess his future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades.
  • Holy shit, I have no more words. This is the hottest fucking I have seen on DVD.

Scene 5Jenny Hendrix finishes things up with Danny Mountain – in bed.

  • I’m being distracted by Jenny’s lipstick. It’s now all over the place and the scene just started.
  • I think he’s trying to fist her, I can’t tell how many fingers he’s got inside her now.
  • More foot loving fun. I love that he just kissed up her leg like that. Mental note, I want more of that in the bedroom.
  • Ok, good. Let’s see his cock and what he’s working with. Oh nice. Bouncy.
  • Now, I don’t have a penis, but Jenny looks like an expert dick sucker…and Danny agrees.
  • I see why Reverse Cowgirl is great for the camera. Watching his whole cock fill her pussy is truly a turn on.  I’m not actually sure how she’s able to take all of him.
  • I think her hair is fake.
  • Holy shit. He’s got his hand tight on her clit while he fucks her pussy hard. Oh that is absolutely fucking hot.
  • How does one practice the cowgirl style if she doesn’t have a phallused partner?
  • There is a lot of excellent fucking going on right now. I just have nothing to say, cause I’m so turned on right now.

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

HNT Roundup for 7/2/09

I call this, “The Twitter Edition” – these are some of my faves, but by far not all of the ones available! Which one is your fav?

@naughtyeliot Special HNT is now live:

@DaringDame Happy HNT All!…my first HNT up at

@HotJane Happy #HNT my friends!

@Samtagious NEW: HNT –Piggies! (

@Coy_Pink My evil HNT is up:

@Weebeasty Chubby knees HNT sneak peek.goin to bed. More random pics later.

@amok_ – a very scandalous (and slightly hobbity) HNT

@sroxy My HNT is up, luvvies:

@sleepingdreamer Happy HNT! I’m up!

@CurvaceousDee Time for another parasol HNT – and boy, do I wish it were warmer right now! Missing HNT

@MissKissThis HNT is up!

@badbadgirlx Ok I looked at it, and I just had to take out the words… same pictures… hnt.

@thursdays_child New blog post: I Really Need This Job HNT

You want to be a part of the HNT next week? Make sure to leave a comment below where we can find your blog or DM @adamandeve on Twitter and let her know!

Half Naked Thursday Roundup 6/25/09

Welcome to this week’s roundup. I’ve gotten some excellent submissions this week and I’ve found a few I like a lot too. Do you want to participate? Just send me a link to your blog & I’ll add it to our roundup. It generally posts on Thursday afternoon, so your picture will have to be up by noon EST in order to participate! Happy Thursday!!

HNT by Adam & Eve

HNT by Adam & Eve

Miss Kiss This shows off her pjs, and some nice ink too I might add.

Going back a few weeks, I found a nice BBW on Tragic/Beautiful in some sexy lingerie.

On Love & Submission we see knee-high boots make the woman, or does the woman make the knee-high boots?

By far this is the best HNT from a guy I’ve seen in awhile. Thank you nyc.dncr.boy.

Going back to earlier this month, we’ve got to thank Naughty Eliot for a paddle review and an ass-smackingly delicious HNT.

While Camera Play for Couples is generally eye-opening, you’ve got to love their HNT: “Ribbed for Your Pleasure.”

And on a Journey to the Darkside we see what happens when a sub goes bad.

Half Naked Thursday Roundup – for the Third Week of June

Last week I got a lot of response to the Half Naked Thursday roundup. So I’m gonna cut to the chase, here are my favorites this week:

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

The Horny Geeks got some cute rainbow stripe gloves.

Sable’s showing us his curves and how to do plumber’s crack right. 😉

The Sexy Housewife shows us the backside of last week’s thong. (Plus check out the header graphic – that’s the best HNT ever!)

And while I don’t think it was meant for HNT, The Real Princess Diaries has an awesome photo up now – pre-blowjob excitement.

Caution – this HNT Contains Nuts.

Finally, PandaDementia has combined two of my favorite things ever – chocolate and boobs! Yay!

Reminder this is what HNT is all about. And do you want to be on the list? You can add your URL in the comments below, or DM it to @adamandeve so we can get it up on the roundup for next week!

What Do You Want in an Online Adult Community?

Like I said on Twitter, we’re really contemplating building our own social community online due to all the problems we’ve faced on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace…I mean, I get it that the kids need a place to go, but what about us adults? We like to shmooze and talk and chat and explore our kinky, sexual sides in an environment where we can be whoever we want. Sure, we’ll abide by rules & guidelines, but we don’t need to be treated like little kids when we’re online.

So, if you were to have your ideal adult community – what would it have? I’m thinking I’d like a place to have a profile page, blog, video/media tools definitely. Maybe even some other links to share information through Twitter or other bookmarking sites like Digg and stuff. Maybe there’d even be a message board to interact with other users.

But that’s what I’d want. And I’m not you. So, what do you want? Do you have a site you are a part of but noticed it’s missing some important stuff for you? Leave your comment and we’ll compile the information together and try to build an online adult community.