HNT – Half Nekkid (Naked) Roundup 8/27

Oh my, the roundups are getting noticed! I was informed last week that this fun tradition is formally called “Half Nekkid Thursday” instead of “Half Naked Thursday.” However, I just find the word “nekkid” to be weird to say, so that’s why I’ve been calling it the wrong thing. I apologize about that. And well, I guess it’s time for me to get over myself and just fall in line with everyone else, right? I mean, if you all jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, I guess I would too! haha. (I wouldn’t really. I hope you wouldn’t either.)

Anyway, lots of my Twitter followers are participating now and some of them are letting me know they’ve already posted! I love it! Freaking Love! It! To let you know this time, I’ve got a fair mix of men, women, geeks, Doms & subs, and other sexy people. Here’s to the Half Nekkidness!

From Getty Images - Women in Line for Sex & The City Movie Premiere

via Getty Images - Women in Line for Sex & The City Movie Premiere

First off…BOOBS!

Bad Bad Girl, NaughtyEliot, Random Curiosities, HotJane, Everything’s Eventual, Alpine Subdreams

Now the Geeks 🙂

Ruminations of a Kinky Geek

And the men…

Hubman, Onyx V St. Syr, SeXXXcapades, An Artist Exposed, Kaos527, The Erotic Rogue

A little BDSM play –

Dungeon Place, Miss Kiss This

Some lovely ladies in lingerie…

Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick, The Coquitten, At Longing’s End

And the really artsy ones (some of my faves!)

E.D.I.D.A.S, No Need to Be Coy

Need some clothes so you can participate in Half Naked Thursday? Get some new men’s or women’s lingerie! There’s something for everybody!

Still confused (or new?) about what the hell this HNT thing is? Check out O’s other blog to learn all the fun rules.

Mad cause I didn’t include you? (well tough) j/k Tweet a HNT link to @adamandeve and we’ll try to include you in next week’s roundup! Or, if you can’t wait, post a comment below to link to your HNT – then everyone will be up-to-date with you!

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday Everybody!

HNT Roundup 7/9

I’ve noticed a (small, minor, not-really-there) theme this week – people are taking their HNT shots in the bathroom at work! How delightfully kinky…I encourage all the readers to upload an HNT from their office bathroom. Whether it be feet, legs, boobs, ass, thighs…whatever, as long as we can recognize you’re in the John (at work).

Courtesy of Getty Images

Courtesy of Getty Images

She was 34-24-35 and naked. Nice.

The Importance of a Good Bra – as told by Dangerous Lily

Did the Giants win? Ah, who the hell cares when we’ve got boobs!

A little ass in the bathroom? Yes please.

Someone’s coworker’s cleavage.

An All-American Pinup Girl

Keeping it Simple, Stupid. A sexy neck compliments a nice rack.

And as always, here are the “rules” for HNT and if you want to be included, leave your blog URL in the comments or Tweet about it using the keywords “HNT” – See You Next Thursday!

Want Some Ass?

Ever wanted “an ass so phat you sit a drink on it?” Well you need some Booty Pop Panties! However, you might not want to try resting your drink on your ass just yet.They come in multiple sizes from Extra Sweet to Sweetest – depending on how phat your ass needs to be.

I wonder if I can get some of those Micro Fiber Ass Shorts and write it off as a tax deductible work thing?

Booty Pop Panties

Booty Pop Panties

Half Naked Thursday Roundup 6/25/09

Welcome to this week’s roundup. I’ve gotten some excellent submissions this week and I’ve found a few I like a lot too. Do you want to participate? Just send me a link to your blog & I’ll add it to our roundup. It generally posts on Thursday afternoon, so your picture will have to be up by noon EST in order to participate! Happy Thursday!!

HNT by Adam & Eve

HNT by Adam & Eve

Miss Kiss This shows off her pjs, and some nice ink too I might add.

Going back a few weeks, I found a nice BBW on Tragic/Beautiful in some sexy lingerie.

On Love & Submission we see knee-high boots make the woman, or does the woman make the knee-high boots?

By far this is the best HNT from a guy I’ve seen in awhile. Thank you nyc.dncr.boy.

Going back to earlier this month, we’ve got to thank Naughty Eliot for a paddle review and an ass-smackingly delicious HNT.

While Camera Play for Couples is generally eye-opening, you’ve got to love their HNT: “Ribbed for Your Pleasure.”

And on a Journey to the Darkside we see what happens when a sub goes bad.

Huge Sale at!

There’s a huge sale in honor of Memorial Day weekend going on over at today! It’s buy anything on the website and get the second item for half off! All the sex toys on the site are at your mercy! DVDs don’t stand a chance against this discount!  Stock up for the weekend and have some fun for your long weekend! (if you use 2-day or overnight shipping you can get your goodies in time!)

Mm..I can think of some fun things I’d like to do with this anal toy.

Buy 1 Sex Toy or DVD and get 1 Half Off!

Buy 1 Sex Toy or DVD and get 1 Half Off!

6 Funny Sex Toy Reviews

Ace of Spades Gumdrop Butt Plug

Ace of Spades Butt Plug

Ace of Spades Butt Plug

I admit to thinking I’d be able to take this when buying….but it really IS that big. it’s bigger than a lightbulb, bigger than most pillar candles around…it’s BIG. It’s now used for decoration in a student house with a scared face on it.

Eve’s Ruby Delight

Initially, this item does a great job. However, my junk ripped this to shreds in about 5 uses. And I am an old white guy, only average size and hardness.

Wild G Spot Vibrator

We just love it.  very powerful.  we nicknamed it “thor’s hammer”

16 Function Super Rabbit Vibrator

I got one for my girlfriend for her birthday and she loves it,7 orgasms in 15 minutes. now I get frozen popcicle blowjobs whenever she uses it!

Leopard Duotone Balls

These were interesting.  They were a little to loud to where in public, which is fine.  I where them while cleaning the house, and my house is always clean now!

Booty Camp Camisole

Booty Camp Camisole

Booty Camp Camisole Set

Tried ordering something ‘family friendly’, however this one is another see-thru item.  Could not tell this by the photo, would not have ordered otherwise.

Hot Model in Sexy Lingerie!

One of our many awesome followers took advantage of an offer sent out exclusively to all of the Twitterers (see, it pays off to follow me). This awesome two piece bra & panty set was purchase, applied to model, and photographed!

And now we all get to see how awesome the outfit looks (mostly) on a hot chick!