How to Give a Great Blow Job!

Here’s the scenario – he loves to perform oral sex on you. And, he’s pretty gosh darn good at it too. But you’re starting to feel guilty about not wanting to return the favor. Maybe you have a gag reflex problem? Maybe the idea of sticking the thing he uses to pee out of in your mouth grosses you out? Maybe you’re afraid you’ll hurt him by biting or pulling on something wrong.

Fret no more! There are simple solutions to all these problems!

If you are worried about gagging: Remember, first off, we’re not all porn stars &  nobody expects you to act like one. You don’t have to take his whole cock in your mouth and down into your throat. His most sensitive part is around the head of his penis anyway, so it’s not necessary to be a deep-throater. You also should remember, your hands are your secret weapon. Not only do they provide additional stimulation (to his shaft & balls – don’t forget the balls!) but your hands also help control how much of his cock you take in his mouth. Tip: Keeping your hands right by your mouth as you pump away, he’ll think he’s getting deep throated!

If you’re worried about hurting him: There are plenty of products out there available that act as teeth guards. If you don’t like the idea of something else in your mouth, try going slower. Concentrate on keeping your mouth wide and listen to him. If cringes or says “ouch” stop what you’re doing. Slow down. Give him a quick hand job. Lick the shaft instead of sucking on it. Maybe even only concentrate at the tip where you don’t have to worry about your teeth so much.

If you’re worried about the grossness: Make him shower first! I’ve never met a man who wasn’t willing to do some work in order to get a blowjob. Tell him you’ll give him a blow job if he showers first. Then join him. Maybe you won’t have to suck him off at all!

Remember, the biggest turn on about a blowjob is that you want to do it. So, if you don’t like doing it and tell him you want to “practice” – I’m sure he’ll willingly be your test subject!

Looking for more tips and tricks? I got all of mine from this book (and watching porn!): Tickle His Pickle.

Tickle His Pickle

Tickle His Pickle

Anal Sex is More Popular Than Oral Sex

Playing around with Google Trends, apparently Anal Sex is more searched for than Oral Sex…(the blue line is anal, the red is oral)

Hm, I don’t know what I think about that. I really like oral sex… so please, support oral sex by performing a search on Google today.

However, that fun lead me to a very disturbing article linking cancer and oral sex. We encourage everyone to practice safe sex – be it anal, vaginal or oral – and remember, safe sex requires you to use a condom.