22 Names for Your Penis

I’ve never been good at naming things, even though I like to give things their own personality. For instance, my cars are always called “Baby” and my breasts are called “The Girls.” But I know a lot of my friends actually name their body parts, their plants, their cars…you know, with real names. The one thing I’ve never even been able to name, or refer to other than using the words cock, penis or dick, is well, a cock, penis or dick. So I asked my Twitter followers to give me their favorite names for their cock (penis or dick) 🙂

Your penis isn’t represented? Make sure to leave your favorite name in the comments!

Here are 22 Names for a Penis

  1. Mr. Winky
  2. Mr. Happy
  3. Irish Love Hammer
  4. Mr. Happyface
  5. The Little Root
  6. Ex-Calibur
  7. Tommy Da Salami
  8. Crackers
  9. Gertrude
  10. Beaver
  11. Mufasa
  12. Big Jake
  13. Junior
  14. Karl
  15. Casper
  16. Squeaky
  17. Bob
  18. D Train
  19. Zeus
  20. Chang Noi (it means Elephant)
  21. Turtle
  22. Dick Cheney
License to Blow DVD

License to Blow DVD

Scientists Find World’s Oldest Penis

Don’t get too excited, it isn’t human.

Best quote in the story:

Long, of Museum Victoria, says “when we announced we’d found some structures in the pelvic fin that suggested copulation, we hadn’t found the business end of how they were doing it.”

or maybe this:

“Now we’ve actually found it, a specimen with an undoubted clasper with a knobbly end.”

no wait; this:

“We were surprised because it’s so big,” she says. “We were expecting something smaller.”

Read about it at ABC News of Australia.

Hand Art Response

In response to Allison’s post about her fleshy notepad, I have my own hand artwork.

Its a penis, on my hand.  I drew it.

It's a penis, on my hand. I drew it.

Ha, take that!

Have a happy Independence Weekend everyone!