Bree Olson responds to Bubba the Love Sponge

What REALLY Happened on Bubba the Love Sponge Show

We had a chance to get in touch with super-awesome, mega-cute porn star Bree Olson and ask her what really happened at the Bubba the Love Sponge taping. This is what she said:

Bree Olson Fires Back

Bree Olson Fires Back

There are many reports and speculations floating around on what happened on March 23rd of 2009 but only I, Bree Olson know the full story. Not one person was with me every moment of what happened on this day, so here I am giving you a full unbiased scoop of everything you want to know.

About two weeks prior to being on the show I was told I was going to be giving a blind, long time listener of Bubba the Love Sponge Show a hand job. They had inquired about a blowjob as well however that was quickly vetoed. They had even informed my publicist that I could wear a glove if I wanted to. From the first time I was told I was going on the show until the day of when I arrived, this is the impression I was under.

Like the tons of other radio shows I’ve been on this one started out no differently. I wait in the green room, sign my model release, they take an array of pictures of me and then I am sent into the room where they are broadcasting. I begin to chat with the guys on the radio show and there are camera men too of course filming all of us as we have our radio talk show. We speak about my career in the adult film industry and Bubba and I talk about Indiana seeing that we both are from there. After about twenty minutes of the interview they decide to bring in the “blind listener” to introduce us to each other. The moment he walks in I look around the room to see everyone’s reactions. I was expecting them to be laughing and for them to say, “Ha-Ha, we got you Bree! He’s not really blind!” But nobody was.

Bree Olson

Bree Olson

This was when I realized that they actually expected me to believe that this man named Pantera (which sounds like a radio personals name to me, not some average Joe off the streets) was blind. As I’m looking at this man he is wearing Ray Ban sunglasses. Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t expect a blind person to be rocking a pair of Ray Bans. He also had a “walking stick” which wasn’t a blind person’s walking stick at all. I’m not exactly sure what it was, whether it was a piece of camera equipment or what not but I assure you it was not a walking stick. After noticing all of these things I tell the guys right on the air that this man is not blind. I kept being a good sport about it and I was smiling and laughing as they try to prove to me that he is blind by throwing soccer balls at his head.

Shortly after that they went to a commercial break and I was lead back into the green room with the person I now know as Pantera. In the green room I keep asking him more questions like, “What are you watching on TV?” thinking I could trick him. I also asked him what exactly did the doctor say that caused his blindness one year ago. He replied, “I was in a motorcycle accident.” I told him I already know that but what was the exact medical term that caused his blindness. He couldn’t come up with anything and said he was not good at medical terminology. I know that no matter if someone is good at medical terms or not they will remember some when they have went through such a traumatic life altering experience. At this point I start to become upset. They have me take pictures with this man and as I’m taking pictures I can barely hold back the tears in my eyes.

Bree Olson

Bree Olson

I decide to go outside away from everyone because I do not want them to see me crying. I was so torn and confused about what was going on and I had an office full of people that didn’t have my back. I thought that if I went through with this hand job that they would surely throw out the “tricked the dumb porn girl card.” The only thing that made sense to me then, and still makes sense to me now of why they would do that to me, is this: They “trick” me into thinking this man is blind, I give him a hand job and then they make fun of me the last half of the show of what a dumb whore I am. I had been giving all of this detailed information two weeks prior and leading up to this point so there could be no other explanation.

As I am outside crying people come out and try to talk to me. I just kept my head down as the tears stream down my face. Never in the three years that I have been in the adult industry had I ever had a bad experience. This was my first. I felt helpless and nobody was there to help me. I didn’t say a word to anyone. I just kept quiet. I was just trying to figure out what to do and I was weighing my options. This is when the camera guys come up getting close up shots of me crying. At this point I still haven’t said a word and start walking off their property. I figure that once I am off their property they will leave me alone. At this point I am still weighing my options on what to do. I just wanted to have a moment by myself and get the tears out of my system. I wasn’t allowed that alone time though. The cameras kept on following me and watching every painful tear I shed. My sadness quickly turned to anger. In my head I am thinking, “What kind of sick fucks want to watch a 22 year old girl cry?” I wasn’t bothering anyone. I wasn’t even talking, I just had tears rolling down my face.

You know the part in Godfather 1 where they are at the wedding and they take the guys camera, smash it on the ground and throw him some money? That’s exactly what I wanted to do. But I didn’t. I grabbed the camera and held on to it insisting to have the tape that has ten minutes of footage of me crying on it. I didn’t touch the camera man, I just took hold of the camera and said to give me the tape.

C’mon guys…. I’ve been in the business three years. You would have all known long ago if I was some monster woman. Everyone has feelings and everyone has a point where someone has pushed them too far. As I said before in three years I never had anyone treat me the way these people did, and that’s exactly why you seen the reaction they got from me. They don’t show you the great interview. They don’t show you me crying for ten minutes. All they show you is when I had enough and finally gave them the reaction they were hoping for all along

Am I proud of what I did? No. I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself. What would I have done differently? Instead of going outside, crying and thinking about coming back in, I should have ran. Ran, before they even had a chance to see which way I went and then I would have called a taxi. Honestly, there was no other way I could have avoided them other to take an extreme measure as that.

For all my fans and for everyone that supports me, thank you very much. I love you guys.
Xoxo Bree Olson

Bree Olson

Bree Olson

Stephen Colbert is Sexy

There is a small, tiny piece of me that thinks Stephen Colbert is sexy. It’s something about the fact that he plays this uptight character all the time when he is in public that it makes me believe he has to be something of a freak in the bedroom. I’m sure everyone has their secret, off-the-wall celebrity crushes. I mean there’s got to be a reason the world thinks Ashton Kutcher is beautiful. He totally reminds me of this kid who used to eat dirt on the playground in elementary school.

Well, while I was doing my “celebrity sex” search I ran across this mixup video of Stephen Colbert on YouTube. Enjoy.

You Look Familiar

Remember when I told you that you need to watch The Search for Adam & Eve?  Did you do it?  If you did, then you will recognize the bat shit crazy girl on VH1’s Rock of Love Bus, Brittany.  Although Brittany made it to the final round on The Search for Adam & Eve, I have a feeling her run on Love Bus will be much shorter.  Who says porn actors can’t go mainstream? Apparently she sings too, “I Wanna Fuck the DJ“.
Brittany Starr in The Search for Adam & Eve
Brittany Starr in Rock of Love Bus

Porn Is The Best Medicine

Hello World!

Last week, I went to visit a friend of mine who was recovering from surgery. Being the thoughtful person that I am, I brought her a naughty gift bag that included lube, porn, a cock ring and various pieces of sexual literature. To my surprise, my friend has never watched much porn. Since I review porn, I generally refuse to watch it unless I’m getting paid (which I guess makes me a porn prostitute…..) but in light of my friend’s physical incapacitation, we decided to lie around and watch The Search for Adam & Eve. A good time ensued.

The Search For Adam & Eve

The Search For Adam & Eve

If you haven’t seen it, you need to. It is one of the most entertaining and educational series I’ve watched in a while. It’s the American Idol of porn. The series starts with a series of open calls where prospective fuckers get naked for a panel of judges (including Carmen Luvana). Like any good reality show, the horrible contestants were the most entertaining. I found myself praying that a few of them wouldn’t take it all off. After the good, bad, and ugly had stripped, moaned and humped there way through the auditions, a group of finalists were chosen to spend a sex filled week in Jamaica.

During the week in Jamaica, the contestants participated in a series of sex scenes. After each scene, there was an elimination. This continued until the winners are crowned (I won’t spoil the ending, you’ll have to watch it yourself to see who the stars are). For the women, the eliminations are based mainly on how hot the girl is and how well she presented herself to the camera. The men were much more entertaining (probably because naked men get me all hot and bother…..or make me laugh). The majority of the men couldn’t get it up and keep it up on camera. Most of the guys came into the competition bragging about how powerful and manly they were but as soon as the cameras started rolling, they were scared turtles. I have a new found appreciation for male porn stars. Having an erection and orgasm on command is a challenging feat indeed.

Personally, I thought “Joe” was the hottest (aside from his unfortunate habit of sticking out his tongue). He had a sexy, dirty rocker look going with the long hair and the manly grunting. Oh yeah, and a big, hard cock. Fuck Yeah!

Overall, it was a fabulous day. I highly recommend The Search for Adam & Eve to anyone who has recently had an organ removed (or just wants to have a good time).