Planet Friendly Sex Lubes

Don’t you want to know what you’re putting in your body.  Adam & Eve now carries Intimate Organics: a line of vegan, organic sexual enhancement products.

Intimate Organics Embrace Tightening Gel

Intimate Organics Embrace Tightening Gel

No toxic chemicals, no dead bunnies, just heightened sexual experiences.  The product line includes tightening gel, g-spot gel, and non-numbing anal sprays for him and her.   Now you can enhance your sex life without sacrificing your health or the planet.

Sex Position of the Week: Bridge the Gap

This week’s sex position was inspired by The 8th Day.  A phallus free version of this position is preformed by Bree Olson, Tori Black and Poppy Morgan.

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

In order for this position to be a success, the partner with the willing orifice needs to have a flexible back and relatively strong appendages.  They should assume a standard backbend position.  One phallused partner penetrates the mouth while the other enters an orifice in the nether region.  Thrusting should be kept to a minimum in order to avoid back injuries.

Want to be the phallused partner but don’t have a penis? No problem. That’s what strap-ons are for.

Having trouble achieving an adequate level of lubrication in your willing orifice? Lube it up!

Not interested in procreating or contracting embarrassing diseases? Wrap it up!

Women Watching Porn: The 8th Day Pt 2

The 8th Day: A Review by Lilith & Allison pt 2

My general thoughts on The 8th Day –

The 8th Day was fantastic.  The story was entertaining, which is rare for adult movies.  If you cut out the sex, it would still be worth watching.  Amber Rayne is a pretty damn good actress.  The sets and costumes are believable.  The occasional CG elements aren’t very noticeable or distracting.  All in all, the movie is very well done.  But you don’t really care about the production value do you?  You want to know about the sex, right?  Well, there’s sex, lots of it, and it’s pretty damn good as well.  The sex scenes flow in and out of the storyline well.  Even is all their post-apocalyptic grime, the stars look great.  Kayden has an amazing body and is scantily clad for the majority of the movie.  Tyler Knight looks super hot in his dreads.  My only regret after watching the movie is that the Prince had a non-sex role.  I’d love to see that man naked.

You need to see this movie.  It’s really long, so block off an evening, grab some snacks and beer and watch the world end.

And now, a continuation of our commentary.  If you haven’t read pt.1 you should do so before you continue.

A: We didn’t see the backbend!

L: No that must have been a photo thing.

A: I want to hang out with Evan Stone.

L: In my porn version of Adam & Eve, the snake is a man and has sex with Eve.

L: The snake in this has a phat ass.

A: Did you see this girl’s tramp stamp? It’s that eye that’s on the dollar bill.

L: The all seeing eye? That’s my favorite.

A: Then you’ll love this.

A: What? Who? Girls in a mud wrestling pit without the mud?

L: Oh, they’re amusing the Prince. It’s the desert they don’t have the water to spare for the mud.

A: Oh, I think she wants to be purged.

L: Are they purging?

A: Yep they’re purging.

A: I feel sad that the Prince doesn’t actually get to have the sex.

L: He’s got some sweet ass sunglasses though.

A: Oh, that’s like the triple swallow deep throat.

A: I think if I were watching The 8th Day for the sex I’d be down for it.

A: How long do you think his dick is vs how long her mouth is?

L: It’s got to be curving and down her throat by now.

A: And it makes me mad that this is what guys think we can do.

L: Whoa, she’s really skinny.

A: Yeah she is.

L: That’s a lot of ribs.

L: That’s a good quote: “either hole works for me” LOL!

A: I appreciate that the douchebag is trying to get his own in the movie.

L: I don’t appreciate it in real life.

A: Oh, neither do I.

A: I enjoy that this movie has been multiple guys with girls rather than multiple girls.

L: I really don’t like all the spitting in porn.

A: There’s some DP going on!

L: Woohoo!

A: She keeps antagonizing the guys that she needs more than this.

L: How do you need more than DP?

A: I keep forgetting we’re watching an actual movie here.

A: I really like Kayden’s body.

L: Yeah, she’s like a Barbie without the 8ft legs, which is just strange.

L: Are they going to have sex with each other?

A: Yes.

A: I like how she’s wearing the prom dress with boots.

A: The last AEP feature movie I’ve seen was Dinner Party 3, and this is a true jump from the Dinner Party theme.

A: Curse the Linux? What? How did he save them from the Linux.

A: That’s some clever writing.

L: She’s not the favorite anymore, she’s sad.

A: She still gets to wear the combat boots with the prom dress.

A: That’s some long hair.

L: Yeah.

A: Ew, don’t eat the wax.

L: Whoa, this is an acrobatic orgy.

A: 1 2 3 4 5 6 – I count 6.

A: Is he fucking her ass?

L: Yeah.

L: People having sex is funny.

A: Yeah it is.

L: Oh, there’s a new girl.

A: No that’s Amber Rayne.

L: Aw, poor Kayden Kross, you’re dad effed up the world.

A: That’s shitty.

A: OMG Evan Stone’s balls are really saggy.

L: Yeah, they are.

A: Do you have any final thoughts about this movie?

L: I think the world’s gonna blow up.

The 8th Day XXX DVD

The 8th Day XXX DVD

Women Watching Porn: The 8th Day Pt 1

The 8th Day – A Review by Lilith and Allison pt 1

It’s always awkward to watch porn with a friend, especially your heterosexual coworker, but whatever, college frat boys can do it, so Lilith & I can do it too. 🙂 I’d noticed that there was a big lack of explanation about this movie, so I thought it’d be best to get someone to watch the thing and explain to you guys why, in fact, this is the most awesome Adam & Eve Pictures DVD this year. (Also, it’s gonna be available on Blu Ray in September, so watch out for that)

Anyway, this movie turned out to be a lot better than I had expectations for. There’s all kinds of kinky sex, hot sex, interracial sex, boring sex, group sex, and non-sex. There’s a really decent story line, believable and kept me intrigued. Over and over again, Lilith & I talked about the high quality of the feature and it’s actors. I almost want to say this was a spoof of the Sci-Fi genre entirely, but I don’t watch a lot of Sci-Fi stuff, except shows like Fringe and Eureka, so I might not be the best person to tell you that this is a good spoof. I’ll let Lilith explain that.

Now, I bring you, the conversation that Lilith and I had during the watching of The 8th Day:

L: What a fancy root menu.

A: I like how in movies people frozen in a cryogenic state come out looking beautiful. Shouldn’t her pubic hair be really long?

A: Perfect brain & muscle functioning too.

L: Kayden Kross has very nice fake boobs.

A: Nice, what’s the first thing you’d do after being in suspended animation for years…let’s do it!

A: Three men locked in a room to watch over her. I bet they were having gay orgies all these years.

L: In the future men wear plastic loincloths, that’s fantastic.

A: Kayden does have a really nice body.

L: Tommy Gunn stop playing with your meat so we can see it.

A: I think he’s uncut. Isn’t it?

A: Was that a real orgasm?

L: You think if she was faking it she’d make a more pleasant face.

A: I really like Tommy Gunn. He knows what he’s doing.

A: How do you think this would be if they all used condoms?

L: I’d be okay with it. I figure once everyone started using condoms we’d all get used to it.

L: I’m glad Kayden’s not overly fake. I hate it when the girls make “o” noises when they’re sucking some dude’s dick. You know they aren’t enjoying it that much.

A & L: Ew…what was that? Why is he vomiting from the mouth?

L: I think that would have been best left for after the sex scene.

A: I really want him to come.

L: Wrap it up B.

A: I think there should be some gay sex in this too. That’d be awesome.

L: Like Brave New World – everyone’s having sex with everyone.

L: I think I get what’s happening. She’s really having sex with some gross thing but we’re seeing her euphoric interpretation of that.

A: Ah, you’re good at this Sci-Fi thing.

A: Are they all dead?

L: Or they fought themselves into submission.

A: Why didn’t they give her pants to wear in the future?

A: Oh, no, we’re watching her pee. Was that necessary?

L: I don’t know why that was essential to the storyline.

A: I don’t know why she had to wipe with her hand. Drip dry!

L: Ooh, look at the CG grass and the skeleton.

A: Well, I figured the skeleton wasn’t real, but the grass looks pretty good.

A: This looks like a Myst scene.

L: I think those S&M people are gonna have sex and Kayden’s gonna watch.

A: She’s a Mistress? What Mistress goes down on her slave boy first?

L: No, slave boy does the work first. If he does it well, he gets rewarded.

A: I think the movie is better generally without the sex. Then again, I’m not really paying attention, are you?

L: No.

L:  The kinky people have been doing this forever, and where’s the Asian slave girl?

A: She’s like that third guy in the icky alien scene from earlier.

A: I think the dick bounce is the most amazing thing guys can do. Gives me penis envy.

A: I’m getting a little nervous with all of the noises. Run away, Kayden, run away!

L: That’s an efficient way to tell time.

A: Tyler Knight looks good with a mohawk

L: I like dreads on guys.

A: Oh look, it’s the “o” noises.

L: Most porn star sex is like “you’re paying me money so I’m gonna stick my penis in here” but occasionally you see it when the actors really are into what they’re doing. That’s always hot.

A: Pick an end Tyler, pick an end.

L: I think we’re about to see the lesbian three way in the desert.

A: I count two.

L: No it’s with Bree Olson and the Cat Chicks.

A: Oh, the backbend scene from the cover of the DVD?

L: Yeah.

A: What’s with the cat noises?

L: Why are they wearing shoes?

A: I told you people are naked in the future except for shoes.

A: Oh OH – Look! Two mouths, one pussy.

L: Lesbian porn bores the shit out of me. Most of it is two girls, one gets off and switch. And some of them don’t even fake it well.

A: Bree’ll get off. She always gets off.

A: I don’t even know who these girls are.

L: That’s Tori Black, but I don’t know the upside down girl is.

A: Are we supposed to believe the body paint is body paint or if it’s embedded into their skin?

L: I don’t know. But Kayden’s liking it.

L: This is what they’d say if they were speaking English….”My vagina!”

A: Or – “Get off that, I wanna suck the pussy!”

L: Here’s the wood dildo. I wish we carried these on the site.

A: I think they were going to, but they were worried our customers would fear the splinters.

L: I can’t believe it’s been 2 hours already.

A: Really?

A: Aww, we gotta change discs?


The 8th Day XXX DVD

The 8th Day XXX DVD

Don’t worry! Lilith will be posting part 2 of our review shortly.

Do Women Prefer Money to Sex?

According to a survey done by America Online in New York,  they asked 3,500 women “Would you rather have $50 a week or more sex every week?” and an overwhelming number of respondents chose the money.

Initial problem with this survey – they asked women. I’d be very curious to see the men’s reaction to the question. Not only whether the majority of men would rather have $50 or sex, but more interestingly, how long does it take them to get to that answer?

But back to the survey they did; with the number of sex toys available and made specifically for women, I can’t deny that I’d probably choose the $50 a week. Unless they told me I couldn’t even have sex with myself, in which case, I’d choose the sex. But how would the survey team know if I was having sex by myself? Hm…

However, most journalists are going to tell you this is to blame on the economy, which is probably more true than the sex toy hypothesis. $50 a week can feed me. $50 a week can buy me gas to get to work. $50 a week can buy a lot of sex toys.

What would you buy with an extra $50 a week?

Pirates Adult DVD

Pirates Adult DVD

5 Tips on How to Have Sex with a Bad Back

Carmen Luvana in Eden

Carmen Luvana in Eden

So, if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I have a bad back. A few years back I threw my back out, doing nothing very interesting, and now I remember it every time I have sex. Well, not every time, but about half of the time, and now I have to go to the chiropractor after every really good romp in the sack. And well, I think maybe because I work here or maybe it’s just in my DNA, but I’m very open about my life and now I want to share with you some tips I’ve learned from various PTs and chiropractors and Internet searches on how to get some good sex without breaking your back.

Quick note: My back problem is a herniation of my L5, which is very common for those of us with desk jobs. These suggestions can help, but they are not a guarantee and I take no responsibility if you try or don’t try any of these positions and they make your sex life or back worse. However if things go good, that was all me. 🙂

  1. First off, stay relaxed. Being tight in the back will strain your muscles and possibly re-injure your back. In all of these positions, remember to stay relaxed. Okay?
  2. If the missionary position hurts, try using a pillow or inflatable sex toy up under the curve of your back. This will arch your back more and take off some of the stress. In general, most positions that arch your back are good.
  3. The position where the person with the bad back is laying with her knees by her ears is a bad position. Positions where the back is stretched out will be the worst for a person with a herniated disk. This also includes Doggy Style, however, if you arch your back and don’t bend over a whole bunch, this position can be really, really satisfying!
  4. If cowgirl hurts, try leaning forward on your arms & elbows and riding that way.  Bouncing can compress your disks and cause more pain, the forward lean and rock motion helps relieve the pressure.
  5. And a position I have never tried, but recommends, lying on your stomach. I would feel like a dead fish in bed doing this, but I imagine there’s a way to make it sexy. Try it out, let me know.

So there you go. These are just some of the tips that I’ve learned in the course of my back recovery, because believe me, I know back pain is some of the worst pain there is out there. I hope this helps!

Have fun sexing!

Looking for love in small confined spaces?

We’ve all heard the stereotype about women choosing the “bad-boy” over the “good guy” when it comes to dating.  Maybe you’re that kind of woman.  Or maybe you’re a guy who likes your women a little on the crazy side.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with and their inmate connections.

You too can make an incarcerated felon’s day!  They’ll be so excited when they receive your letter.  Not only can your letter provide a connection to the outside world, but it can provide pleasure to your inmate while they read your letter and masturbate in the comfort of their own cell.

Forget all of those phony prison shows on TV – you can find out what it’s really like on the inside.  Share recipes for pruno, find out how to make your very own shank or hear about who dropped the soap last week.

If you manage to find “the one” and make a love connection, imagine the possibilities when your inmate gets paroled!  If you’ve ever had a prison fantasy, now you’ve got your very own expert to help you role play.  Other fun games include “hide the contraband” and “strip search.”

If you’re on the inside and are looking for a penpal (or getaway driver) you can post your own ad on the website for less than the price of a carton of smokes.  Be sure to include a photo and list important things like your occupation before prison, gang affiliation and any haggard prison tattoos that you may have acquired during your stay.

If the prospect of writing letters to felons doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to try Adam & Eve’s “Sentenced” starring Penny Flame or “One Last Ride” with Bree Olson.  Pick up a copy today and get your jailhouse lovin’ on!