10 of the Worst Restaurant Names Evah.

I got this from Oddee.com and you can check them out to see the pictures that actually go with these names:

  1. Fu King Chinese Restaurant in Lake City, FL
  2. Kum Den Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia.
  3. My Dung Restaurant in Rosemead, California.
  4. Gassey Jack’s near Orange City, Florida.
  5. Hitler’s Cross in Mumbai, India (has been changed)
  6. Flavors of Negros Restaurant.
  7. Sar’s Oriental Cuisine, in Tacoma, Washington.
  8. “Mc Wank’s”, in Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada.
  9. Poopsies Food & Drinks.
  10. Colon Restaurant, in Barcelona, Spain.
Courtesy of Flickr.com

Courtesy of Flickr.com

80 Sex Toys You’ve (Most Likely) Never Heard Of

In honor of the huge summer sale going on over at AdamEve.com I thought I’d bring you 80 sex toys and other stuff we carry, that you probably haven’t heard of before. Why 80? Because stuff is up to 80% off, that’s why.

  1. Taffy Tickler Silicone Sugar Glass Dildo
  2. 9″ Slender Pleaser Vibrator
  3. Lure Unisex Pheromone Cologne
  4. Screw My Wife Please 65 DVD
  5. Taylor’s Talking Love Mouth
  6. Flower Tucci’s Squirting Pussy
  7. All Dressed Up DVD
  8. April Flores’ Voluptuous Cyberskin Pussy
  9. Shot Glasses DVD
  10. Invisible Adonis Pouch
  11. O! Game Of Outrageous Orgasms
  12. Hustler’s Coming Of Age DVD
  13. Eden Hummingbird Blossom Vibrator
  14. Best Of Historic Erotic Vol. 2 DVD
  15. Qteeze Vibrator
  16. Passion Tip Vibrator
  17. Being Jenna DVD
  18. L.A. Girls Love Big Cocks DVD
  19. Adam & Eve Cherry Glitter Dream Dildo
  20. The Pussy Pump Plus
  21. The Voyeur In Me DVD
  22. Rabbit Pearl Ultra Vibrator
  23. Triple Play Vibrator
  24. Interlude II Vibrator & Sleeve
  25. All About Ashlynn Vol. 2 DVD
  26. Sentenced DVD
  27. 7X Dual Pleasure Starfish
  28. Glow In The Dark Reversible Sleeve
  29. Astro Ride Vibe
  30. The Price Of Lust DVD
  31. The Bitch Vibrator
  32. Lady Bug Tickler
  33. Alektra-Fied DVD
  34. Wet Platinum Glide
  35. Cock-Pit Stroker
  36. Cyberskin Stroker With Handle
  37. Reversible Sleeve
  38. Asstravaganza 9 DVD
  39. Crystal Stroker
  40. Eden Darling Dolphin
  41. Crazy 4 Cougars DVD
  42. Illuminate Her Strobing Anal Balls
  43. Asstravaganza 10 DVD
  44. Oui Personal Pleasure Massager
  45. Jack-Off Pump
  46. Big Tit 4 Pack DVD Set
  47. Bondage Bar
  48. Falcon Anal Balls
  49. ID Moments 9.5 oz Lubricant
  50. Grip-N-Stroke Masturbator
  51. Eden Secluded Pleasures Kit
  52. What Gets You Off 4 DVD
  53. Pink Velvet G-Spot Vibrator
  54. The Cougar Hunter DVD
  55. Adam & Eve Waver Rabbit Vibrator
  56. Double Beaded Ultimate BJ Stroker
  57. Vibrating “O” Plus
  58. Adam & Eve Dick Plumper Cream
  59. Adam & Eve Anal Teaser Vibrator
  60. Big Man Masturbator
  61. Cyberskin 4″ Penis Extension
  62. Adam & Eve Pink Pucker Ass Stroker
  63. Invisi-Rider Enhancer
  64. Adam & Eve Do Me Ducky Vibrator
  65. Bottoms Up Silicone “Please My P-Spot”
  66. She Licks Girls Vol. 3 DVD
  67. Max Enhance Breast Cream
  68. Billionaire 2 DVD
  69. Taste My Lips DVD
  70. Bleached To The Bone 2 DVD
  71. Top 40 Adult Star Collection 2 DVD
  72. I Love Em Young 2 DVD
  73. Fresh & Young DVD 5-pack
  74. Wild Cherry Lubricant
  75. Adam & Eve Fantasy Dance Pole Kit
  76. Lovrub Female Sexual Enhancement Gel
  77. Lovrub Male Sexual Enhancement Gel
  78. Blowguard with Vibrator
  79. Ultimate Frixion Lubricant
  80. School Girl Stroker & DVD

Top 10 Uses for Your Dildo

Dildos can be a girl’s best friend (next to diamonds and the real thing, of course) but what do you do when you no longer your need your best friend? Well, here’s 10 things we thought of…

Dildo Bookend

Dildo Bookend

10.  Bookends: Show off your enormous porn collection with dido bookends.

9. Microphone Cover: you know, so you don’t get spit all over it when you’re interviewing a porn star post-blowjob scene.

8. Self defense: being approached by someone suspicious? Just take John Holmes out of your bag and throw it at your assailant! He’ll either be dumbfounded or scared, leaving you enough time to escape.

7. Double Dildo Door Stop: we might patent this one. Got a drafty door? Lay the double dildo in front of it to block that cold air from coming in!

6. Door knocker: Give it the ole’ Prince Albert one-two and voila! You have a penis knocker to greet your Jehovah’s Witnesses.

5. Poking things: Don’t want to touch it with a ten foot pole? Try using the Blackballed Dildo instead!

4. Ruler: Tommy Gunn = 11 inches. Next time you go to the store for fabric, simply ask for “10 dildos of the red velvet fabric” for some pillows you’re making.

3. Ring Toss: Suction that old dildo by the pool side, take some ordinary water rings and have fun!

2. Hitch Cover: We’ve seen reindeer, hands, and baseballs, but I’ve never seen a dick on a truck!

1. Gear Shift Cover: We don’t know how exactly this would work, but it’d be pretty awesome when you get pulled over.

Alternate uses, that we can’t obviously recommend:

Doggie chew toys: The majority of our leftover sex toys end up as doggie chew toys. But, keep an eye out, these toys aren’t indestructable and they aren’t made of food – even though Sparky might disagree.

Pin Roller: Need to roll out some cookie dough? Use a double dildo instead!

Top 5 Adult Movie Categories

Here we are folks, the top 5 top selling adult DVD categories on the Adam & Eve website:

5. How To – I’m glad to know we’re helping you out!

4. Couples – It can be anything from Amateur to a Feature, as long as it’s just one couple at a time.

3. Features – Do you like plots? Cinematography? A screenplay? This is for you.

2. Comps – All sex. Hours and hours of it. As Lionel says, this category can go “All Night Long”

1. Lesbian – Does it get hotter than “Bree & Sasha?”

Bree Loves Sasha

Bree Loves Sasha

10 Best Selling Sex Toys

Pulled directly from Adam & Eve, these are the top 10 most purchased sex toys yesterday.

10. Adam & Eve Triple Erection System

9. Eve’s Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator

8. Pleasure Skin Realistic Dildo

7. Blue Dolphin Vibrator

6. Triple Luxe Vibrator

5. Menage a Trois DP Strap-On

4. The Love Machine

3. The Original Venus Butterfly Clit Vibrator

2. Wild G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

1. Rotating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator