Lilith’s Complete Guide to Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. It is a holiday dedicated to the most basic of human desires. Valentine’s Day celebrates our carnal instincts and embraces love, lust, and seduction. In honor of the day, I’ve put together a (hopefully) helpful guide.

Date Ideas

DIY Fondue
Instead of going out to a fancy fondue restaurant where you pay someone to let you cook your own food, why not just do it yourself. Cooking together can be erotica and fun. You need a fondue pot (I got an awesome one at a thrift store for a few bucks), dips (cheese, chocolate, etc) and dippers (veggies, fruits, breads, little cakes pieces) and a heat source. If you run out of dippers, you can always lick the dip off of each other instead.

TV Marathon
Don’t feel like going out in the cold? Why not cuddle up on the couch together, nuke some popcorn, and have a marathon of a TV show that she loves.

Dinner & Dancing
Got a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Give her an excuse to get all gussied up. Make reservations at a restaurant that serves food that she enjoys and has an intimate atmosphere. Afterward, go out for a night on the town: Dancing, Drinking, etc.

Dinner In Bed

Breakfast in bed may be sweet but dinner in bed is much saucier. Get dressed up in your finest bedroom clothes and set the mood with some candles (unscented, otherwise your food will end up tasting like whatever scent you choose). Put on some sexy music and serve dinner picnic style on the bed. I recommend foods that aren’t very messy such as grapes, foods cut into bite-sized pieces, chocolates, champagne….. Once you’ve finished eating dinner, you can get started on each other.

Sensual Massage
You can either have a couples massage at a parlor or DIY at home. If you choose to do it yourself, invest in an instructional book and a seductively scented massage oil (unless either of you has allergies, then go with unscented). If you want to get a bit kinkier, try a massage candle.

Gift Ideas

Flowers & Chocolate

I know this is the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but it still has some merit, as long as it isn’t a last minute “fuck, I forgot Valentine’s” gift. Put a little thought into the choices. Does your date have any dietary restrictions? Does your date have plant allergies? If you don’t already know, save yourself both some grief and find out. You don’t have to stick with traditional chocolates; you could pick out several mini desserts and have a sampling. (Whole foods has a large selection of individual sized desserts) This would be great paired with a dessert wine. When it comes to flowers, the kind definitely matters. Do NOT get the half dead carnations on clearance. Steer clear of carnations as a whole. Roses are a pretty safe bet. Red is the traditional “love” color. Beware of white, yellow, pink, etc. unless they have a symbolic meaning for the two of you. Lilies and orchids are good choices as well. Some girls really don’t like cut flowers (they die) so you might want to consider a pot of live flowers. This time of year tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils are easy to find. Later in the year, you can set a date to plant it in the ground together. It’ll be sweet.


Scarlett Halter Set

Lingerie can be a tricky gift. The idea is for the lingerie to make her fell sexy. Many women have body image issues, so proceed carefully. Buy it too small and they’ll feel bad because they can’t fit in it.  Buy it to large and they’ll be hurt that you think they’re bigger than they are. In order to get the right size, rummage through her lingerie drawer and check the sizes of some things that you know she wears regularly.  Choose lingerie that suits her personality and in colors that flatter her. When in doubt, choose black.

Adam & Eve's Bag of LoveToys
Give her something to put in her hooha!  Seriously, sex is an incredibly important part of any relationship as well as your personal physical and mental wellbeing.

Personal Keepsake
Make her something heartfelt and memorable.  Who cares if it looks like shit.  Make a collage of pictures, carve her a furry thing of choice, create an edible love castle.  As long as it’s meaningful to her and handcrafted by you (assuming that she likes you in the first place) it will be a hit.

Gifts For Him:
Need a present for a dude?  If he’s up for it, get him some fun undies.  If not, your guess is as good as mine.  Maybe beer?

Music Ideas
Whatever you decide to do, set the mood with romantic music.  What kind of music does your lady like?  Try to pick something soothing and romantic that complements her usual taste in music.  I’ve made a few sexy stations on Pandora for your listening pleasure:

Sensual Silk


Also,  I have a few song selections in particular that I either recommend or strongly discourage:


Perfect Day by Lou Reed
Your Song from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Always by Bon Jovi

DO NOT play these for your lover on Valentine’s Day:

Rootless Tree by Damien Rice (or any Damien Rice for that matter)
Ain’t No Fun by Snoop Dogg

**** BE SAFE!!!  This Valentine’s Day, choose to be VD free!  Wrap it up!