HNT – Half Nekkid (Naked) Roundup 8/27

Oh my, the roundups are getting noticed! I was informed last week that this fun tradition is formally called “Half Nekkid Thursday” instead of “Half Naked Thursday.” However, I just find the word “nekkid” to be weird to say, so that’s why I’ve been calling it the wrong thing. I apologize about that. And well, I guess it’s time for me to get over myself and just fall in line with everyone else, right? I mean, if you all jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, I guess I would too! haha. (I wouldn’t really. I hope you wouldn’t either.)

Anyway, lots of my Twitter followers are participating now and some of them are letting me know they’ve already posted! I love it! Freaking Love! It! To let you know this time, I’ve got a fair mix of men, women, geeks, Doms & subs, and other sexy people. Here’s to the Half Nekkidness!

From Getty Images - Women in Line for Sex & The City Movie Premiere

via Getty Images - Women in Line for Sex & The City Movie Premiere

First off…BOOBS!

Bad Bad Girl, NaughtyEliot, Random Curiosities, HotJane, Everything’s Eventual, Alpine Subdreams

Now the Geeks 🙂

Ruminations of a Kinky Geek

And the men…

Hubman, Onyx V St. Syr, SeXXXcapades, An Artist Exposed, Kaos527, The Erotic Rogue

A little BDSM play –

Dungeon Place, Miss Kiss This

Some lovely ladies in lingerie…

Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick, The Coquitten, At Longing’s End

And the really artsy ones (some of my faves!)

E.D.I.D.A.S, No Need to Be Coy

Need some clothes so you can participate in Half Naked Thursday? Get some new men’s or women’s lingerie! There’s something for everybody!

Still confused (or new?) about what the hell this HNT thing is? Check out O’s other blog to learn all the fun rules.

Mad cause I didn’t include you? (well tough) j/k Tweet a HNT link to @adamandeve and we’ll try to include you in next week’s roundup! Or, if you can’t wait, post a comment below to link to your HNT – then everyone will be up-to-date with you!

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday Everybody!

5 Tips on How to Have Sex with a Bad Back

Carmen Luvana in Eden

Carmen Luvana in Eden

So, if you follow me on Twitter you probably know that I have a bad back. A few years back I threw my back out, doing nothing very interesting, and now I remember it every time I have sex. Well, not every time, but about half of the time, and now I have to go to the chiropractor after every really good romp in the sack. And well, I think maybe because I work here or maybe it’s just in my DNA, but I’m very open about my life and now I want to share with you some tips I’ve learned from various PTs and chiropractors and Internet searches on how to get some good sex without breaking your back.

Quick note: My back problem is a herniation of my L5, which is very common for those of us with desk jobs. These suggestions can help, but they are not a guarantee and I take no responsibility if you try or don’t try any of these positions and they make your sex life or back worse. However if things go good, that was all me. 🙂

  1. First off, stay relaxed. Being tight in the back will strain your muscles and possibly re-injure your back. In all of these positions, remember to stay relaxed. Okay?
  2. If the missionary position hurts, try using a pillow or inflatable sex toy up under the curve of your back. This will arch your back more and take off some of the stress. In general, most positions that arch your back are good.
  3. The position where the person with the bad back is laying with her knees by her ears is a bad position. Positions where the back is stretched out will be the worst for a person with a herniated disk. This also includes Doggy Style, however, if you arch your back and don’t bend over a whole bunch, this position can be really, really satisfying!
  4. If cowgirl hurts, try leaning forward on your arms & elbows and riding that way.  Bouncing can compress your disks and cause more pain, the forward lean and rock motion helps relieve the pressure.
  5. And a position I have never tried, but recommends, lying on your stomach. I would feel like a dead fish in bed doing this, but I imagine there’s a way to make it sexy. Try it out, let me know.

So there you go. These are just some of the tips that I’ve learned in the course of my back recovery, because believe me, I know back pain is some of the worst pain there is out there. I hope this helps!

Have fun sexing!

Exclusive Interview with Jordan Kingsley!

Jordan Kingsley in TILF 2

Jordan Kingsley in TILF 2

I’m sure you know who Jordan Kingsley is by now. I bet you follow her on Twitter. Or maybe you’ve seen her in TILF 2 or Welcome to Boobsville. Well, on Twitter recently, we both got to talking about sex & Star Trek. And as conversations turn into questionnaires – especially when I get to talk to porn stars – I asked her a few questions about her life in the biz & her marriage to (equally handsome & sexy) Tony DeSergio who’s starring as Spock in the new Star Trek XXX movie.

Adam & Eve: How long have you been, officially, together? Did you meet on set? Was there woo-ing and romance or just immediate chemistry?

Jordan Kingsley: Tony an I have been married for about 3 and a half years now.  We met on an internet dating site, he was in London and I was in Miami.  We e-mailed and IM’ed each other for a few months before finally meeting.  He would send me e-mail these Josh Groban lyrics and they were really romantic so that’s what got me!  I didn’t get into the business until after we had been married almost 2 years.

AE: How often do you two have sex – off set, with each other?

JK: Not as much as we would like,  because we both shoot and have sex on a regular basis, and especially if one of us has been working a lot we tend to not have sex with each other just for safety, because if both of us catch and STD then we are both out of work and that would hurt our income.

AE: I hear a lot through fans & my friends that couples end up bored and in “routine sex.” Do you ever get in “sex ruts”? If so, how do you get out of them?

JK: I think that every relationship has “sex ruts” and if they don’t then they are liars.  But the beauty of our relationship is that we get to have sex with other people 3-4 times a week so having that variety all the time makes our sex at home all the more special.

AE: Do you like to use toys and other things when you have sex? If so, what are some of your favs?

JK: I use vibrators all the time when I am alone masturbating.  My favorite one is actually the plug-in massager from Adam & Eve.  Tony brought it home for me like 3 years ago when he was doing a photo shoot for some toys and its been my old faithful ever since (however, after 3 yrs of using it almost every day the motor finally gave out “mid-orgasm” I might add) so I don’t have any toys to play with right now!  As far as toys during sex, sometimes we might use a small dildo for my  anal stimulation but other than that we like just our own bodies during sex.

AE: You both have sex for a living; do you find you get jealous a lot? Or are you both able to compartmentalize sex on set and your relationship at home?

JK: Tony does not get jealous at all, I don’t think he has a jealous bone in his body.  I don’t ever really watch his scenes or go onto his sets, I like to just keep it that way, maybe out of sight, out of mind.  I just think it would be hard to see him have some reaction or facial expression, and if I have never seen that reaction before then I would start to doubt myself and ask, “well why doesn’t he do that when I am with him” so in all honesty call it jealousy, insecurity, whatever label you need to but I just don’t involve myself in his work and that keeps our marriage happy and peaceful, plus I trust him 100% that he is a professional at work.  When we work together with another girl, I do not get bothered one bit for some reason, and I think it’s mostly because I am involved as well. (Sorry it’s a long answer, but its hard to explain)

AE: What’s your favorite position to shoot? What’s your favorite position together?

JK: Tony loves reverse cowgirl, I don’t have a favorite, I am greedy girl, I like them all…LOL!

AE: If you weren’t a porn star, what would you do for a living?

JK: I think Tony would be a chef, he is an amazing chef, and we like to host friends all the times for dinner parties, he like to show off his skills.  I have no idea what I would be.

AE: Did Tony ask you first about shaving his eyebrows for the movie?

JK: No, he never asked…he just did it.  He came home and I had to laugh, it looked so silly…he told me he did it to support Evan who chopped off his hair for the part, my response was at least Evan looks good, he got a haircut…you shaved half your eyebrows off, you just look funny.  It took 2 months for them to grow back in fully.

AE: Can you believe Evan Stone cut his hair?

JK: I can’t. Yes, I can believe it.  Evan is a huge Star Trek fan and wanted more then anything to make be in the movie so that was a no brainer for him. I think he would have shaved it bald if you asked him to in order for him to play the role!

AE: What’s your favorite curse word?

JK: How would you have guessed it but, fuck!!!

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NaughtyTweet will be at Erotica LA

NaughtyTweet will be at Erotica LA

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