Sex Position of the Week: Mouth Wash

Inspiration for this week’s sex position came from a 4 hour squirting porn.  Beware.

First, I would like to note that female ejaculation is a complete mystery to me.  I have all the lady parts but I have never experienced anything close to a forceful ejaculation of any liquid during orgasm. How does this work?  Where does the liquid come from?  What is it made of?  Scientific research is needed.

Ok, on to the sex position, which I have artfully detailed using MS Paint.



Participant A:  Female who is relatively flexible and capable of ejaculating
Participant B:  Person with a phallus, real or strap-on

B penetrates A’s vagina in the pile driver position.  In order to assume the pile driver position, A gets on her hands and knees facing B.  She tucks her head and begins to roll forward like she is doing a somersault.  She stops when her genitals are pointing directly upwards and hold this position.  B Stands over A, pushes phallus so that it is pointing toward the ground, and inserts in into the vagina.  He repeats until A’s orgasm is imminent (this may require some manual clitoral stimulation as well).  Immediately before A orgasms, B withdraws the phallus and A ejects her squirt up and out, like a fountain.  If the appropriate angle is achieved, the squirt will rain down A’s face.  A should hold her mouth open and enjoy the refreshing drink.

I didn’t make this shit up people.  Ew.